Going Facebook-free, Cold Turkey

I'm not entirely sure what it was; maybe the 6 millionth asinine meme, the row of trending topics entirely devoted to the fallout from the end of Brangelina and/or Donald Trump's 4th Reich and/or news of a "celebrity" I've neither heard of before, nor care to find out (who the fuck is Chief Keef?!) - either way, I've had enough.

Facebook is brilliant for keeping in touch with friends whose geographic location requires a copy of Lonely Planet and months of financial preparation (we're still planning on getting there; Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, etc.), but for all the worthwhile coverage from people I actually want to hear from, there's tenfold bait-click garbage that is on the one hand, unproductive, and on the other, dangerously addictive and mind dulling. It's the natural outcome of us getting rid of cable a couple years ago I suppose; instead favouring an unlimited internet connection and Netflix / iTunes. I'd compare it to giving up sugar; you feel better about it, it's healthier for you, and if, after 6 months of no sugar, you suddenly dive face first into a Boston Cream donut, you realize that it's so saccharine, your tastebuds nearly explode. (In this analogy, the donut is network television, and the sugar is the commercials - try not watching broadcast TV for a year and then sit through 90 seconds of commercials every 10 minutes; you'll want to end yourself promptly.) 

I hope people will periodically check in on me here, leave a comment or two, and I'll still be using Instagram, probably more so now; plus most of those far flung people I'd like to see before the end of the decade are on Instagram anyway, so the communication lines are still open, with a lot less news of how Kim Kardashian's ass is launching a line of branded seat cushions or some such nonsense.

Oh, and this is Chief Keef. I couldn't resist looking him up. I also couldn't give more of a fuck.